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Round Trip is same day/night pickup and drop off service. A vehicle will take your group to the selected destination. When the event is over, your ride will be ready at a set time to bring you back home safely. Keep in mind that vehicle does not stay with you while you are at the event. So, no items can be left in the vehicle.

Pickup Address. Provide the address where you want the driver to pick you up. Simply type in the address and select it from the suggested list. If your city doesn't appear in the results, type in the city name as well

Enter Destination Address. Type in the address of your destination and select it from the suggested list. Again, if the city doesn't appear in the results, type in the city name as well.

Choose Date and Time. You can book up to 1 year in advance. Enter time the driver should pick you up. Examples: 8pm, 8:00 PM

Short Stop Requests. If you need to make a quick stop to pick up friends along the way, you can specify the address for the stop. Please note that stops are only allowed for pick up and drop off, not for venue visits. If you want multiple venue stops, please book Hourly Ride instead.

Please inform us if you will have a stop at the same location on your return trip (e.g., dropping off friends).

Return Pickup Time. Specify the time when driver should come back to take you home. Examples: 11 PM, 1:30 am.

Return Date Note: Round Trips are for going to events and returning on the same day/night. If you need to return few days later, book two One Way rides.

Specify the Number of Passengers. Indicate the number of people in your party. Our vehicles can accommodate up to 55 passengers.

In Additional Ride Info you can provide pickup details, special needs or any other instructions for the driver.

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It's incredibly convenient that they're always able to provide rides for those of us who can't always find designated drivers. Everyone's been there, and knows that sometimes a night out with friends just isn't the same when one or 2 of us are typically always drinking water while everyone else letting loose with a couple drinks, and now we never have to worry about that one friend (we all have that one) who swears they're good to drive after a few drinks. This is truly a life- and friendship- saving service!

Round Trip with SafeRides

What is a Round Trip?

Are you familiar with the concept of a round trip? At SafeRides, we offer top-notch round trip car services that provide luxury, comfort, punctuality, and safety—all at highly affordable rates. As the pioneering transportation company to introduce round trip solutions, we aim to minimize and prevent drunk driving incidents.

A round trip is not only practical but also the safest way to travel. With our services, your designated driver will pick you up from your location, drop you off at your desired destination, and return to safely take you back home. The best part? Our round trips have a 24-hour window period with no time limit. Whether you need a ride at 6 AM or any other time within the 24-hour period, there are no extra charges. Our round trip rates remain the same, unlike other companies that charge for waiting time.

Exciting, Cost-Effective, and Safe Round Trips

SafeRides is here to provide convenient round trip transportation services for various occasions, including corporate events, proms, weddings, night-outs, sporting events, airport transfers, birthday parties, and bachelor/bachelorette parties. By taking advantage of our hugely discounted round trip rides, you can save up to 50% while enjoying a seamless and luxurious travel experience.

Our team of professional, fully insured drivers is committed to delivering customer satisfaction. When you choose SafeRides, you can trust us to provide comfortable, punctual, safe, and affordable car rides. Our extensive vehicle options include Party Buses, Minibuses, SUVs, Coach Buses, Stretch Limos, Sedans, and Minibuses, ensuring the highest level of luxury and professionalism.

Benefits of SafeRides Round Trip

Booking a round trip with SafeRides comes with numerous benefits. Say goodbye to the hassles of heavy traffic, rush hour delays, potential vehicle damage, and exorbitant parking fees. Our luxury and reliable transport vehicles are equipped with widescreen TVs, high-quality sound systems with Bluetooth and USB hook-ups, comfortable leather seats, multiple bars, disco lights, and even a dance floor. With SafeRides, the party starts early and ends late.

But it gets even better! With our safe ride transportation, you can enjoy your special occasion without worrying about how to get home. Our round trip rides ensure the safety and security of everyone, providing a stress-free journey back and forth to your destination.

How does round trip work?

The cost of our round trip transportation services depends on factors such as the number of passengers and the distance between pick-up and drop-off locations. Simply enter your details, including pick-up location, time, and date, as well as the destination address and drop-off location. You can also provide any special instructions for the driver. Please note that round trips do not allow multiple stops, such as venue visits or shopping sprees.

Once your booking is confirmed, our driver will pick you up from the designated location and time you have communicated. After your event or occasion, your chauffeur will return to safely drive you back home.

Book Your Safe and Sober Round Trip Today

Experience professional and affordable car service that surpasses all other transportation options. Book your safe and sober round trip with SafeRides and enjoy a journey that exceeds your expectations.